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Act-Co-Actow (アクト・コ・アクトー) is the primary antagonist and final boss of the 2003 PC visual novel strategy game "Yajuu Sentai Shibarukan" (野獸戰隊シバルカン) by developer U-Me Soft. She is the leader of the evil criminal organization "Brazo Ness."

A very hedonistic woman who takes great pleasure in the supremacy of evil. Her previous organization was shut down, and she was imprisoned. However, she and JuneyLa , an origninal subordinate of hers, met RomanSez inside, and the three formed a revolt and made a prison break. Her goal is to then revive her organization and thus, she chooses Earth as her new base.

JuneyLa, RomanSez, along with other subordinates HaReNe and LylicKa, each made an attempt to begin enslaving the earthlings, only to be thwarted by the game's protagonists. With only herself left, Act-Co ultimately takes matters into her own hands.

ActcoActow 3 - Shibarukan

After losing the initial battle to the heroes, she uses the same growth technology that all of her past subordinates had utilized and becomes giant. To further ensure that she is not raped (again, as her subordinates were) she uses a weapon to dismantle the robotic penis of the Shibarukan Robo. Nevertheless, this tactic is eventually thwarted as Red - who controls the robot via his own mind and impluses - is aided by the sexual efforts of Pink, Yellow and Blue. Act-Co-Actow is then raped, defeated, and reimprisoned by the galactic police.

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