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The unnamed abusive mother

The unnamed Abusive Mother is the main villainess from a 2010 public service announcement presented by the National Child Abuse Hotline. In the ad, a young girl is playing with her dolls when one of them breaks, and she runs to her mother (who is on the phone) asking her to fix her broken toy. The mother responds by verbally lashing out at her daughter; demanding that she show her "loving mother" some respect before locking her out of the house. Before leaving her daughter to stand out in the rain, she lambasted her for interrupting her "important" phone call.

The ad fast forward years later and shows the mother verbally abusing her daughter, now a teenager, while demanding that she comes out of her room, calling her a "stupid whore" as she did. The daughter, having had enough of her cruel mother's abuse, climbs out the window and walks away as the ad ends.