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The evil and unnamed Abusive Mother

The unnamed Abusive Mother (Anita Jung Honingford) was the main villainess from the 2014 short film, Broken (release date June 20, 2014).

The film begins with a little girl hearing her parents arguing and witnessing the verbal scuffle in the living room, after which the mother shouted at her daughter to go to her room. The film fast forwards a few years later, with the girl putting on her lipstick before her mother calls her to the kitchen for breakfast. The mother later stated to her daughter that she should be grateful to have a loving mother who makes breakfast for her, but when the daughter doesn't respond, the evil brunette jumped out of her seat and attacked her daughter, both verbally and physically.

The attack included the deranged villainess forcing her daughter's face into a sink full of water, nearly drowning her before pulling her out and yelling at her to go to her room. The daughter made a call to police afterwards, and after her mother sees a policeman at the door, the villainess went to her daughter and threatened her to tell him that everything was fine. The daughter, under duress, does so, with her evil mother stating that her daughter "does silly things" sometimes. After the policeman leaves, the daughter returned to her room and barricaded the door, while her mother constantly banged the door in an attempt to get to her daughter, The maniacal villainess later grabbed a knife from the sink and wielded it several times at the door in a psychotic fit.

Later on, the daughter left the room and saw her villainous mother asleep on her chair, with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle on the other. She then spotted a gun that was left by the policeman (intentionally, as he sense discord and abuse on the mother's end), and it was at that moment that the daughter picked up the gun and shot her mother to death.



Broken (Short Film)