Abigail Raven

The evil Abigail Raven

Abigail Raven (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is the main villainess of "The Red Dress", episode 1.06 of The Haunting Hour (airdate January 15, 2011). She was the blind owner of the thrift shop The Raven's Chest, and it's implied in the ending that all the items within the store belonged to people who had stolen from Abigail.

When teenager Jamie comes into the store with her friend Nicole and inquires Abigail about a beautiful red dress, she tells her that it costs $400, with a note saying that if you want something in life, you have to pay for it. Not able to afford the dress, Jamie breaks into the store to try it on. When she realizes Abigail is still there, she quickly leaves the store, still wearing the dress. She seemingly avoids being detected by Abigail, but she somehow recognizes Jamie's presence and closes the shop door when she's left, saying that she'll pay.

Angered by Jamie's theft, Abigail stalks Jamie, even appearing in her bedroom mirror at one point. When Jamie wears the dress to a ball and starts to dance with her crush, she sees Abigail in the crowd, scaring her into fleeing. Outside, she hears the tap of Abigail's cane and tells her she can have the dress back, tearfully apologizing. Suddenly, Jamie is grabbed and pulled offscreen, and the next we see of her, she's waking up in bed. Nicole calls her and Jamie feels around for her glasses, but they aren't on her bedside table. She comments on how dark it is, and Nicole informs her that it's the middle of the afternoon. Panicked, Jamie flings open the curtains, revealing that she is now blind. The final scene shows the now sighted Abigail putting Jamie's glasses in a case of her store, revealing that Abigail has stolen Jamie's eyesight as revenge for her theft.

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Abigail Raven

Abigail Raven

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