Abigail is a high-ranked official in the Rebel Army and the older sister of Beatriz, another Rebel Army officer. Her exact rank is unknown, but it is higher than Allen O' Neil's. She appears as a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack.

She has a crush on Regular Army member, Trevor Spacey.
Abigail 2


Extra Ops Edit

Sand Locker Edit

Abigail was tasked with locating and recovering Allen Jr. She traveled to the desert where Allen Jr. had gone missing, and found the Ptolemaic Army's Sand Marine. She blasted a hole in its side to see if Allen Jr. was inside of it only to find a POW riding a motorcycle. The attack caused the Sand Marine to notice and attack her. However, Abigail manages to destroy it.

Another Story Edit

Guilty Child Edit

Morden reluctantly allowed Abigail to oversee trade with the Amadeus Syndicate, but also sent Allen O' Neil along with her to ensure that she doesn't get too aggressive.

On the way to Amadeus' base, Abigail and Allen are attacked by several of Amadeus' robots. Eventually, the Rebel Army officers reach Amadeus. Abigail demands to know why Amadeus sent robots to attack her, but Amadeus remains confused, believing all the robots are under his control.

Just then, the White Baby appears and reveals it sent the robots after them. It then forcibly places Amadeus in the Mother Computer to fight Abigail. After the battle is over, the White Baby leaves to find better "toys" after .

Amadeus then explains to Abigail what the White Baby is. Abigail vows to destroy, stating that the world is for Morden alone before returning to the Rebel Army's base and informing Morden of what happened.

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