Abby Tenney

Vengeful villainess Abby Tenney

Abby Tenney (Myndy Crist) is a villainess from "Caught Stealing," episode 1.13 of The Rookie (airdate February 19, 2019). She is the ex-wife of Marilyn Tenney.

Abby and Marilyn had planned to become parents together, with Marilyn donating her eggs to a fertility clinic with hopes of becoming pregnant. At some point, the couple split up, with Marilyn dating a yoga instructor. The eggs were part of a bitter custody dispute, with a hearing ending with Marilyn being giving full rights to use the embryos.

After the hearing, Abby became vengeful towards Marilyn, to the point where she broke into the clinic and stole the embryos. This brought Officers Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen to the case, and they appeared at their apartment and found the women arguing--with Marilyn armed with a crowbar while Abby held the embryos.

Despite Marilyn's pleas, the evil Abby planned to destroy the embryos, only for Bradford to talk down the villainess and coerce her to place the embryos back inside the case. Afterwards, Bradford handcuffed and arrested Abby.

Trivia Edit

  • Myndy Crist also appeared as the evil Karla Gardner on CSI: Miami.
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