The traitorous villainess A-Squad Pink, Unmorphed

A-Squad Pink (Motoko Nagino) is a villainess from Power Rangers SPD. As her name suggests, she is the traitorous A-Squad's Pink Ranger.

The beginning of the SPD incarnation had the A-Squad Rangers lost in space when their ship crash, but they were discovered and rescued by the B-Squad Rangers in the episode, "Resurrection". In the end of the episode, however, the A-Squad Rangers hold Commander Cruger captive, with Charlie, the A-Squad Red Ranger, revealing that they are taking him to Emperor Grumm.

The following episode, "Endings (Part 1)", begins with the villainous Rangers revealing their alliance with Grumm, while Cruger is imprisoned. Later on, the sets of Rangers battled each other, with A-Squad Pink targeting her heroic B-Squad counterpart, Syd, During the battle, A-Squad Pink displayed her heel persona and trash-talked Syd, claiming to be above her and the other B-Squad Rangers..

The B-Squad defeats the A-Squad with the SWAT Megazord, and in defeat, Charlie snarls defiantly at Jack. Charlie and the rest of the A-Squad Rangers are judged and imprisoned for their treason.

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She was given the name 'Rachel' by a rangerboard user 'Merlin'. Supposedly, the name is accepted in general fandom.

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